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Giscard Monod de Froideville, Owner Fill in The Brand

Giscard Monod de Froideville, Owner Fill in The Brand

No matter what DNA, market or maturity, I fill in brands. I build them, connect them, (re-)position and strengthen them. I am an experienced brand and marketing director with a strong digital profile, excellent creative skills and a clear vision on market trends. A generalist with smart strategic and commercial insights, tons of experience and a Master degree International Business Studies (University of Maastricht 1995 - 2001). I have managed large teams, big (inter)national accounts and launched start ups too.

My expertise is multidisciplinary. From market strategy to research. From brand identity to awareness & positioning. From creative concept, storytelling, copywriting and growth hacking to strategic media planning & buying. From digital content, UX & visual design to conversion optimisation. From ATL to BTL. From TV, radio & outdoor to online, SEO & SEA, Content, PR, Social & E-mail. From NPS & GRP to CPC, CTR & CPS.

At the age of 28, I became Marketing Director at Alex beleggersbank (2001 - 2007), responsible for brand building and a large team of marketeers. Seven years of carte blanche in branding, campaigns, product launches, events and 100.000 clients later, I founded JENG. This 'screw-the-line‘ creative agency developed campaigns, events and digital projects for large accounts in finance, insurance, human capital and entertainment like Young Capital, RBS, RTL, BMW, Greetz, JFK, Ahoy, Besured, 3FM, Centraal Beheer & Zilveren Kruis. 

After an exciting ride as Creative & Managing Director JENG Amsterdam (2007 - 2013), I decided to exit and started freelancing, doing what I do best: filling in brands.

As freelance Brand & Digital Strategist/CMO - Fill in the Brand (2013 to Now) I have been filling in brands like ING, 538, DEGIRO, BUX, Zilveren Kruis, Centraal Beheer, NOC NSF, Global Health Membership. And more structural:

bunq, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) a.i. (Sept. 2016 - Now)
Pricewise, Chief Customer Officer (CCO) freelance
(Okt. 2014 - Now; Website of the Year 2015 & 2016)

Recently (since 2015), I also started building my own brand as a Co-founder & CMO/Advisor of a new recruitment platform: yearn.

I make things happen, work in teams, like to inspire and be inspired, I analyse, I am intuitive, I see trends, I network, manage and create. Love my kids, traveling, running, skiing, kitesurfing, music, cooking, reading, art & design.


What other people say ...

"Giscard is a very experienced and creative marketing expert, who combines tremendous knowledge with the ability to connect people.
He instantly becomes part of a team and has proven to be of absolute value."

Olivier Gerrits | Directeur Zorginkoop at Achmea Zorg & Gezondheid

"Giscard is a very creative person. He seems to find a solution for almost everything and is great fun to work with. His motto could be:
"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Marieke Verloop | Chapter Lead Promotie en Propositie at ING

"Giscard is a very strategic creative director.
He developed and launched many successful campaigns for Young Capital."

Bram Bosveld | Owner / Investor of Young Capital

"Giscard is a very creative person, who will always find a way to reach the goals you are aiming for.
He is a real networker and has a lot of social skills to bring people together. He's a real entrepeneur, who prefers to do innovative things."

René Frijters | Oprichter & Directeur Knab